Truck Driver Resume Guide: Tips To Land Your Driving Job

Truck drivers are always needed, and there are countless trucking jobs to be had. With the right resume and cover letter, you can get your foot in the door!

Truck Driver Resume Guide: Tips To Land Your Driving Job
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Do you want to become a truck driver? Working as a truck driver is rewarding and exciting. But you’ll need to know the ins and outs of how to write a winning resume in order to land your dream job. This guide will show you how to build the perfect resume and impress hiring managers with your skills. Plus, we’ve included some interview tips too!

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Whether you're looking for a new job or just want help crafting an impressive resume, this guide can give you all the information you need on what it takes to get hired as a truck driver.

Truck Driver Job Description

A truck driver's day starts early, often before the sun has risen. They will spend their day driving their truck, delivering goods to various destinations. Each delivery requires the driver to unload and reload their truck. Truck drivers may also be asked to clean or unload freight at a work location before it is distributed to its final destination.

Truck Driver Work Schedule

For most truck drivers, the work schedule is different than they're used to. Truck drivers typically work long hours and often face tight deadlines. This may be a concern for some people who want more time for family or other interests outside of work. However, truck drivers enjoy the independence of being able to set their own hours.

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There are many benefits to becoming a truck driver, but there are also some downsides. It's important to keep in mind the challenges associated with the profession before deciding if it's right for you.

Truck Driver Salary

A truck driver salary varies depending on the type of driving you do. You can make an average starting salary of $40,000-$60,000 per year with benefits like health insurance and 401K.

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Pay rates vary by company and location, but often begin at about $20-$25 per hour. However, some companies may offer more competitive pay rates for experienced drivers that are willing to relocate or work on the weekends.

Truck Driver Resume Tips

  1. Do you have a solid driver’s license? If not, visit your state’s DMV office to get a commercial driver’s license.
  2. Keep your resume concise and relevant. You will only have a few minutes to impress, so keep it short and sweet.
  3. Include details about your work history. Include the company name, job title, dates of employment, and salary information.
  4. Include any volunteer or military related skills if applicable.
  5. If you have certifications in welding or truck driving school, be sure to list them on your resume.

What to Include on Your Resume

A winning resume will make you stand out from the crowd. To start, it should cover your relevant experience in detail. You don't need to include every job you've ever had, but make sure you highlight the relevant skills and accomplishments that are most relevant to the position for which you're applying.

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Your work history should also mention any certifications or licenses that are required for the position. Hiring managers will want to know that your qualifications meet their needs. Include any other information that might be beneficial for interviewing, like hobbies or volunteer work.

For example, if you're applying to be a truck driver and have volunteered at a homeless shelter in the past, include this on your resume or interview so they know your commitment to helping others.

Cover Letter Tips

It's no surprise that many hiring managers spend less than 15 seconds looking at your resume. Make sure you make the most of those precious moments by following these three tips:

  • Try to avoid generic statements like "I'm punctual, good with numbers, and a fast learner." Instead, include an accomplishment to back up these claims. For example, "I'm punctual; I never arrive late for work."
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Keep the length of your cover letter in mind. Don't ramble and don't use any words that aren't necessary to emphasize your qualifications.

  • Avoid clichés like "hard worker" or "passionate about trucking." These words will do nothing to set you apart from other applicants.

Interview Questions and Answers

What are the three most important qualities of a truck driver?

Oral communication, customer service, and physical strength.

What are some ways to keep your vehicle clean while driving in the US?

Keep truck windows rolled up to protect from dirt and mud in the event of rain or snow, wash the truck at least once a week, and use a cover when parked overnight.

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How much does it cost to take a commercial driver’s license test in the US?

The CCDL exam costs $30 if you are applying for an intrastate CDL. If you are applying for an interstate CDL, it will cost $50.


Here are some tips to help you write a truck driver resume that will get you the job you want.

  1. List your most relevant skills
  2. Create a list of your qualifications
  3. Use keywords in your resume
  4. Tailor your resume for each position
  5. Be honest and succinct
  6. Include relevant experience
  7. Format your resume correctly
  8. Keep it short and sweet
  9. Check for spelling mistakes
  10. Search for sample resumes

Now that you know what to include on your resume, it’s time to start writing! With this truck driver job description guide, you can be prepared with all the information you need to land your dream truck driving job.