Locksmith Resume: An Example of What to Include and How to Format

Locksmiths are responsible for installing and maintaining locks, safes, and vaults. It's important that your resume is customized to the position you're applying for.

Locksmith Resume: An Example of What to Include and How to Format
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Locksmiths are just as important as any other professional. They work to keep your home and business safe and secure. It’s important that locksmiths update their skills and learn new techniques. One of the most popular locksmith resume formats is chronological. The first section, summary of qualifications, is a one-page overview of the applicant's education, experience, and training.

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The second section, professional achievements, is a bulleted list of accomplishments related to the job requirements. Thirdly, the applicant's goals for future opportunities should be written out in one sentence each. The fourth section should have any hobbies or interests which are not related to the job requirements but are noteworthy in some way. If you're looking for a locksmith resume template to use when making your own resume, here are some tips on how to write it in a way that will get you noticed.

Summary of Qualifications

This section should be a quick overview of the applicant's education, experience, and training. It should be one page long and include any relevant information that would make you a good candidate for this position.

Professional Achievements

Professional Achievements should be listed in bullet format, with all items related to the job requirements. It is important to list only accomplishments which are relevant for this position. This section should be brief and concise.

Goals for Future Opportunities

It's important to include goals in your resume. This section should be a list of one sentence goals for future opportunities. These are the things you want to do in the future, but not necessarily related to this particular job. For example, if you've been working as a locksmith for 10 years and have no intention of stopping, then there's no sense in listing your current goals for future opportunities.

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If you're new to the profession or looking for ways to expand your skillset, however, it's worth mentioning them here. That way an employer will know that you're eager to learn more and grow with their company.

Hobbies and Interests

One of the most important sections of any job application is the one that details hobbies and interests. Hobbies are an indicator of how well an applicant works in a team. Hobbies may not be related to the profession, but they are still important because they provide insight into who you are outside of work.

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If you have any hobbies or interests which could be considered "outside of work" but are still noteworthy in some way, include them in the final section of your resume. This will show that you're more than just someone with technical skills. You're also someone with interests in various areas that aren't related to work.

Pick the Ideal Format for your Locksmith Resume

The first step is to decide on which format you want to use. You can choose chronological, functional, or combination. There are benefits to each of these formats, so think about what would work best for you.

A chronological resume format tells the reader your work history in reverse chronological order. It starts with your most recent position and ends with your earliest job. This is typically the easiest way for employers to read your resume because they can see where you have been working in the past. The downside is that it doesn't show skills you have gained since then, so it's often best for people who are just starting out their professional careers.

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A functional resume format lists positions in alphabetical order and does not use dates of employment or job titles. If you are changing careers or are looking for a new position, this type of resume can be useful because it allows employers to see that there might be some overlap between your previous experience and the new role they're trying to fill without having to scroll through your entire career history.

Combination resumes combine elements of both chronological and functional resumes in an effort to make it easier for potential employers to find information about skills they need while also showing them where you've worked before in reverse chronological order.

Highlight your Good Parts in Resume Summary or Resume Objective

The first part of your resume you should highlight is the summary of qualifications. This section should be one page long and include any relevant education, work experience, training, or degrees. The applicant’s professional achievements are next. This section can take up to two pages and must be written in bullet points highlighting major accomplishments, projects completed, awards won, volunteer work done, volunteer opportunities taken on, certifications obtained, etc.

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It’s important that your resume does not come across as bragging or arrogant. You need to focus on your accomplishments but not take credit for what others have done. The goal is to highlight why you are qualified for the position without sounding like a braggart who will steal all the limelight from other members on the team or company.

Job Description for Locksmith Resume

The applicant should have a general understanding of the locksmith position. They should write out the responsibilities, skills, and qualifications needed to perform the job well. It is important to mention here that locksmiths are responsible for repairing or replacing locks, installing security systems, making keys, and providing safekeeping services.

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Next, in professional achievements, they should highlight their experience in each area. This includes what they're skilled at doing and what qualifications they have to make them the best candidate for the job. These points will vary depending on how much experience they've had in lock installation and other skills.

List your Skills as Locksmith

While you are writing out your skills, it is important to list them in a way that best highlights what you are capable of. There are three different ways that these skills can be organized:

The first way would be to order the skill by importance or relevance. For example, if you have experience with locksmithing, installation, and general construction the sequence should be locksmithing, installation, and then general construction.

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The second way to organize your skills would be in alphabetical order. If you want to list all of the skills you possess in this order make sure they are listed in alphabetically order by last name.

The third way would be to focus on the specific job requirements for the position you are applying for. If this is the case make sure your skills are organized in an order which will highlight your ability to meet these requirements.

Don't Forget your Cover Letter as Locksmith

It's important to include a cover letter with your resume as locksmiths. Your cover letter should not only briefly introduce yourself and provide a brief summary of your qualifications, but its purpose is to demonstrate why you would be a good fit for the position.

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In your cover letter, you should answer the following questions:

  • What is locking mechanism?
  • What are two things which make up a lock?
  • What is the difference between pin tumbler and wafer locks?
  • What is the meaning of key bumping?

Key Takeaway

  • It should be one page
  • Include a summary of qualifications, professional achievements, and goals for the future
  • Don't forget hobbies and interests which are not related to the job requirements but are noteworthy in some way