How to Write Machine Learning Engineer Resume: A Step By Step Guide

If you are considering a career as a machine learning engineer, here are some steps for creating your resume.

How to Write Machine Learning Engineer Resume: A Step By Step Guide
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If you’re looking for a job as a machine learning engineer, it’s best to follow the advice of the pros. We talked with recruiters and hiring managers at some of the top tech companies like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and Salesforce about what they look for in resumes. They shared their insights on how to write machine learning engineer resume to land your dream job. Read on to find out what they said!

What is a Machine Learning Engineer?

Machine Learning Engineers are at the heart of AI and automation innovation. Machine learning engineers work on a variety of tasks, from designing and implementing novel machine learning models to building systems that leverage machine learning.

Choose the Right Format for your Machine Learning Engineer Resume

The right format for your resume will depend on the type of machine learning engineer job you're applying to. If you're going for a senior machine learning engineer job, then a functional resume is best. If you're applying to an entry-level machine learning engineer position at a company like Google or Facebook, then a chronological resume is the perfect style for you.

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In any case, your resume should be organized and easy-to-read. It should be well structured and formatted to highlight your accomplishments and skills. It should also present your qualifications in a clear and concise way that shows employers what you have to offer them.

Highlight your Good Parts in Resume Objective or Resume Summary

"List your strong points in your resume summary or job objective," says Monica Rogerson, Director of Engineering at Facebook.

Listing your strengths shows the recruiter that you know what you're good at and that you put time into crafting your resume to show off those skills.

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You can also list what you're looking for in a job by including keywords that are relevant to the position in your resume description. For example, if you're applying for a machine learning engineer position, include words like "machine learning", "data mining", or "machine intelligence".

Job Description for Machine Learning Engineer Resume

A Machine Learning Engineer is a professional who has skills in developing and applying machine learning models to solve business problems.

The job of a machine learning engineer requires a deep knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and, to a lesser degree, computer science. They need to know how to build models from data sets and how to choose the right model for the problem at hand. The engineer needs an understanding of what instances are used for training the model and what instances are used for testing it. Additionally, they should know how to use linear regression or support vector machine algorithms for prediction tasks.

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If you're looking for more information on this position check out our article on "What Do Machine Learning Engineers do?"

Don't forget to mention your Education

It's important to mention your education on your resume. If you're a recent graduate, it's also important to include the name of the university and the degree received.

How to List your Skills as Machine Learning Engineer

The machine learning engineer resume is a little different than your typical resume. You need to list your technical skills and qualifications as well as any previous work experience.

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When listing your technical skills, it’s best to include them in two sections: the first section will list the tools and languages you know and the second section will detail your experience with each skill. For example, you would list “Python, R” followed by “3+ years of experience using Python and R” under the second section.

Remember that this is a competitive field so it’s important to put all of your skills upfront on the resume. If you have a strong background in languages like Java or C++, make sure they are listed at the top of your resume because those skills are more sought after than other languages like Python or R.

Another thing that sets apart a machine learning engineer from other candidates is their expertise with data analysis and modeling software including Matlab, Mathematica, MatLab Simulink, MatLab Optimization Toolbox, MatLab Neural Network Toolbox, MatLab Statistics Toolbox, Matlab Data Acquisition Toolbox, LabVIEW Tools for Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Include a Cover Letter for your Machine Learning Engineer Resume

A cover letter is a great way to introduce yourself and to show the hiring manager the value you will bring to their company. It should be personalized and tailored for each job opening.

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Include a link to your portfolio, too! Showing that you have some knowledge related to machine learning is a great way to stand out from other candidates.

Tips for Job Interviews

Oftentimes, recruiters and hiring managers will ask you to solve a problem in the interview. They want to know how you think through problems and how well you can synthesize information.

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You should be prepared for this type of question. Practice your solution on paper or with a friend before the interview so that when it's time, you'll be able to talk through your reasoning quickly and with confidence.

Recruiters and hiring managers look for candidates who communicate with clarity.

One way to demonstrate this is by using active voice in your resume.

For example: “The company was created when I (verb) my (verb) in (year).” This sentence communicates with clarity and conveys that the speaker has ownership of their actions.

Key Takeaways

Don't be shy about what you know

One of the most important things to do when writing a machine learning engineer resume is to highlight your strengths. It's tempting to go for a more modest approach, but recruiters want to know that you have the skills necessary for the job.

Be specific

It's important that the machine learning engineer resume is tailored to a particular company and job. Recruiters want candidates who are knowledgeable about their company and demonstrate an interest in their mission, products, etc.

Showcase your personality

In addition to highlighting your strengths, it's important that you show your personality as well as skills on your resume. You should avoid using technical jargon as much as possible and focus on making it easy for people who don't understand those terms to read your resume. There's no need to make it sound like a textbook!

Quantify your results

If possible, quantify your results with metrics or numbers to help illustrate how successful you've been in previous roles. Recruiters love seeing concrete evidence of success from an applicant because it makes them feel confident that they're going to be able to replicate those results at their company.