How to Write Assistant Cook Resume: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, we'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a perfect resume for a role as an assistant cook.

How to Write Assistant Cook Resume: The Ultimate Guide
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There’s a lot of pressure on cooks and chef to create delicious food, and they’re the ones doing all the work! It’s easy to see why: A study from the National Restaurant Association found that 60% of restaurants reported having trouble filling open positions.

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It is hard to find candidates with experience in this industry, which means it can be difficult for those trying to break into the business as an assistant cook. Sometimes people who don't have any experience try to write their own resume and it doesn't go over well. I am here to help you nail your resume with these simple tips.

What is an Assistant Cook?

Assistant cooks are the backbone of any kitchen. They're the ones doing all the work, and they're the ones who make sure that your food is cooked to perfection.

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Now, it's not just about cooking. Assistant cooks also do a lot of cleaning and maintenance work. And sometimes, if someone else isn't available, they'll do dishes and wait on tables too!

Choose the Right Format for your Assistant Cook Resume

The first decision you need to make is the format of your resume. There are three different formats:

  • Chronological: If you have a long, steady work history with no gaps in employment, this is the way to go. This resume format showcases your ability to stay in one place and consistently work.
  • Functional: If you're changing careers or haven't been at the same job for long, this format would be best for you. This resume format emphasizes not only your abilities but also your most recent experience.
  • Combination: This is my favorite option because it's a mix of both chronological and functional formats. This resume displays both your past experience and current skillset.

Assistant Cook Resume Summary or Resume Objective

As the assistant cook, you will be responsible for assisting the chef in cooking and preparing food. Your responsibilities will include chopping vegetables, making sauces, preparing food according to recipes, and more.

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You've been cooking at home for years and are eager to pursue a career as an assistant cook. You're excited to work with others who share your passion for food.

Assistant Cook Job Description for a Resume

A resume for an assistant cook should highlight that the person has experience cooking, which includes making recipes, following recipes, and taking orders. It's also important to mention that they're comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

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If you're applying to be an assistant cook at a restaurant or bar, you'll need to list your previous experience as well as any certifications you may have obtained like ServSafe or Food Handler certification.

When writing your resume for this position, it's important to make sure the cover letter is tailored towards the company you are applying for work with. Be sure to list what qualities would make you the perfect fit for the company and then take care of business!

Write your Education as Assistant Cook

Education, experience, and skills are all key ingredients to a great resume. Don't forget to include your education when you are an assistant cook.

The easiest way to do this is by including the type of degree you have in parenthesis after your name. For example, "Jane Doe (Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts)" shows off your educational background in a quick and concise way that grabs employers' attention.

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It also helps if you list the schools you attended. If you graduated from a culinary school or any type of food-related school, it should be listed in your education section just like any other university degree.

You should also include any certificates or courses related to cooking that you took during high school or college. This will show off an ability for cooking and an interest in food even before professional experience!

List your Skills as Bullet Points

The most important part of your resume is the skills section. This is typically the third or fourth section on most resumes, depending on what you want to put first. When you list out your skills, make sure they are in bullet points.

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It's best if each skill has its own line so it's easy for people reading your resume to distinguish which ones are the most relevant. Make sure that you list both culinary skills and general office skills so you can look like a good fit for any position.

Attach a Cover Letter for your Assistant Cook Resume

A cover letter is not always necessary for an assistant cook resume, but it can make a difference. A cover letter will help you to emphasize the skills and experience that make you a good candidate for the position as well as demonstrate that you're willing to go above and beyond.

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If you decide that you want to include a cover letter with your resume, then here is what you need:

  • The opportunity
  • Why
  • Your availability
  • What skills and experience
  • How
  • Deadline date for application

Key Takeaways

  • Make it clear in the headline what you're looking for.
  • Include your name, phone number, email address and website.
  • Be upfront about any current restaurant experience you might have.
  • Keep it brief—two or three pages at most.

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