How to Write a Winning Driving Instructor Resume: The Insider's Guide

Becoming a driving instructor is a great career opportunity for those who love to be on the road and like to teach people. Use these tips to create a winning resume.

How to Write a Winning Driving Instructor Resume: The Insider's Guide
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So you have decided to become a driving instructor. Congratulations! Having the ability to teach people how to drive is a great skill that will enable you to earn some extra cash on the side.

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Becoming a driving instructor sounds like an easy job, but you’ll need to do your research before beginning this new career. For example, did you know that there are different ways that instructors can get paid? Knowing what your options are beforehand will make the entire process smoother and more rewarding. There are also certain guidelines for your resume, which we will cover in this blog post.

What your future driving instructor resume should include

As you are researching potential driving instructor jobs, you will need to include certain information about yourself on your resume. Your resume should state that you are a certified driver’s teacher or that you are willing to teach the course. You may also want to include why you want this job and what qualifications you have for the position.

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You will use this information to apply for driving instructor positions, so make sure it is up-to-date and reflects the type of driving instruction experience you have had. This includes teaching experience at different levels (basic, intermediate, advanced) as well as any additional information that is relevant to the position.

How to make a winning driving instructor's resume

So you’ve decided to become a driving instructor. You’ll need to put together a resume to show potential employers what you’re capable of. Below are some guidelines for your resume that will help you stand out against other applicants.

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Driving instructors are typically paid by the hour, but they can also be paid by mileage (e.g., $0.25 per mile). If this is the case, make sure that you note it on your resume and include how many miles are required for your services.

If you have any additional qualifications or certifications, don't forget to include them on your resume as well!

Lastly, always tailor each application for the specific position—even if the employer is looking for an instructor with experience in both private and group lessons.

Driving Instructor Certification

No matter what level of certification you are interested in, you will need to pass the required course. This is a simple way to ensure that you are knowledgeable about everything that goes into teaching this valuable skill to others.

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The two levels are the basic and advanced courses. The basic course will ensure that you have all of the skills necessary for teaching adults how to drive, but if you want to teach children, you will need to take the more advanced training.

This should be something that should be done before assuming the position as an instructor because it is essential for safety reasons. We recommend researching which type of certification is right for your situation before applying for positions with driving schools.

The best ways to get paid as a driving instructor

If you are just starting out as a driving instructor, one of the first things that you should consider is how you will be paid. There are many ways that instructors can get paid, but before we dive into those options, let’s discuss why it matters to know which method best works for your needs.

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There are two main categories for how instructors can get paid: hourly rates and per-course pay. Hourly rates are calculated based on an instructor's time spent between lessons with students. Instructors are paid at their hourly rate regardless of the number of hours they work in one week or month. Per-course pay is calculated by the number of hours the student needs to complete their course, not including any extra hours spent with students who need more practice or have special needs. Find out how much each type of pay would be below!

Shape your Driving Instructor Resume Right

For driving instructors, the resume is the first impression that your potential employer will receive of you. It’s important to make sure that it looks professional and it includes the information they are looking for.

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Some driving instructor resumes include information like their availability, experience, references, and rates. Others may only list some of these items, while others may not include any of these. This depends on how much information you want to share with your prospective employer about yourself or how much detail you want them to know about your qualifications.

The following are five tips for shaping your driving instructor resume:

  • Make sure that your contact information is clearly visible on the top third of your resume. Include your name, phone number, email address, and where you would like to be contacted (i.e., physical address or LinkedIn).
  • Make sure to include the dates in which you have experience instructing people how to drive.
  • If you have previous work experience in other fields besides teaching someone how to drive, it may be beneficial to include this next to the section of your resume for when you were an instructor. This can often help employers see what skills you have from previous jobs and if they complement those needed in a driving instructor

Highlight your Good Parts in Resume Summary or Resume Objective

The first thing that you should do when writing your resume is to highlight your good points and include them in the summary or your objective. For example, if you’ve taken a driving course for over five years, mention it in the summary or objective.

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Next, after highlighting those important facts, it’s time to list your qualifications as a driving instructor. This includes the certificates you have earned, as well as any additional training courses you have attended. In addition to teaching people how to drive, you would also teach them about traffic safety and defensive driving techniques that will help prevent accidents from happening. Make sure that this information is included on your resume as well.

Write the Best Driving Instructor Job Description for a Resume

Before diving into the specifics about what you should include on your resume, it’s important to understand the different ways that instructors get paid. Instructors can get paid hourly or by taking a cut of each lesson that they teach. When you factor in things like gas and wear and tear on your car, hourly payments are often the best option for driving instructors.

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In order to write a great driving instructor job description for a resume, you want to let potential employers know what your rate is before they even contact you. In addition to mentioning what you charge per hour, it's also important to mention any past teaching experience. If you have any professional certifications or licenses, make sure that they are listed as well! You don't want them to find out after the interview...

Add your Education as Driving Instructor to Your Resume

If you are applying to become a driving instructor, it is important to include your education on your resume. For example, if you have a degree in teaching, mention this on your resume. It will show that you are qualified for the position and that you have the skills necessary to teach others how to drive.

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It may also be helpful to mention any other relevant experience. If you have previously taught driver's classes at the same school, include this information on your resume as well.

List your Skills as Bullet Points

When applying for a job, the first thing that an employer will notice is your resume. Make sure that you list your skills as bullet points and include all of the relevant information. If you're a qualified instructor and how many years of experience you have in this field should be among the first things to mention on your resume.

Key Takeaway

Before you go any further, it's important to know that the type of payment you receive as a driving instructor can vary. Each state has its own set of regulations when it comes to how instructors are paid. In some states, instructors can be paid in a variety of ways, while in others they have to be paid in one specific way. Make sure you do your research before starting a new career!