How to Write A Successful Executive Assistant Resume

This article will show you how to create an executive resume that will impress potential employers.

How to Write A Successful Executive Assistant Resume
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When you're ready to look for a new job, it is important that your resume stands out. Work experience is the most important thing on your resume, but it's also good to highlight your skills. If you are an executive assistant, read on for some helpful tips to write a successful resume!

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As an executive assistant, you are often called upon to do many different tasks. You might have experience with administration or office management, data processing, event planning, duty rosters, databases and spreadsheets management. It would be best to include all of these tasks in your resume with clear descriptions of what each task entailed. The more details you can provide about the work that went into each position the better!

What is an Executive Assistant?

An executive assistant is someone who provides administrative support to the business. They are responsible for running operations, managing details, and coordinating with employees.

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As an executive assistant you might do anything from updating databases or spreadsheets to organizing meetings and events. You may also be required to manage office administration, take care of HR tasks, and even prepare memos.

How to Write A Successful Executive Assistant Resume

If you're an executive assistant, the resume is the way to show off what you have accomplished. Make sure your resume is concise and has key information about your work history. Create a summary of your experience in bullet points with details about each position.

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If you are applying for an executive assistant position, make sure to include how your skills make you a perfect fit for the job. You might mention that you are skilled with Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook which will be helpful when working on administrative tasks. It's also important to mention any past projects that would be relevant to the new position like event planning or database management.

The more detail there is about each task or project in your resume, the better chance that it will stand out to hiring managers. Your resume is your opportunity to highlight how qualified you are for the position so don't leave anything out!

Choose the Right Format for your Executive Assistant Resume

Knowing what format to use can be challenging when you're trying to reach out to potential employers. In the past, resumes were typically one page long and included a list of skills that applicants had. Now, many employers prefer a two-page resume, where the first page is a summary of your work experience and the second page is a list of your skills.

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When including skills on your resume, it's best to provide clear examples. For example, if you say "I am proficient in Excel," it might not seem very convincing. But if you say "I have created complicated spreadsheets for accounting purposes," then employers will get a better idea of your skill level.

This is especially important when applying for executive assistant jobs because there are so many different responsibilities that go into this position. If you want to highlight the skills that make you an attractive candidate for this job, it's best to be as specific and thorough as possible with each skill listed on your resume.

Executive Assistant Resume Summary or Resume Objective

No matter what your job is, you can use a resume objective to summarize the purpose of your resume. It's also an opportunity to highlight your skills or give potential employers an idea of what they are looking for in a candidate.

The executive assistant resume summary is typically short and sweet.

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If possible, it should be at least one sentence long and should include keywords that match the position you are applying for. The summary doesn't have to include all of the skill sets that you have, just enough to catch their attention

It is important for this section of your resume to concisely summarize your skills and show how they are relevant for the position you are applying for.

Write the Best Executive Assistant Job Description for a Resume

Executive assistant to a VP of a leading hair care company.

Responsible for coordinating the logistics and other administrative duties including travel arrangements, expense reports, and charity work to keep the VP running smoothly.

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Great interpersonal skills with proven ability to work effectively in a team environment. Successfully managed an annual budget of $1 million.

Education Section

Education is really important to highlight on your resume. If you have a degree, be sure to include it. If not, you can mention where you attended college but don't list any degrees.

Write a Skills Section

It would also be helpful to include a skills section in your resume. This is where you can list the skills that are most relevant to your current position. You may have experience with computer programs, customer service, event planning, marketing, public speaking and many other valuable skills.

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You should also include any languages that you speak fluently or have some knowledge of. This will help broaden your search for jobs as well as give companies more options about who they want to interview.

Hiring managers are always looking for hard workers who are willing to go above and beyond. Including details about your work ethic on your resume will make it stand out even more!

Don't Forget your Cover Letter as Executive Assistant

Your cover letter is another important piece of your resume. As an executive assistant, you will often be the go-to person for many different tasks. Your cover letter should show that you are capable of handling these tasks without much direction. You have to have a way to show your employer that you are knowledgeable and highly qualified for the position being offered because it is likely that there are many people applying.

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You should also highlight any skills related to office management, accounting, database management, event planning, etc. Make sure to include all of your qualifications in this section as well as how they are relevant to the job being offered.

Key Takeaways

  • Your resume should be well-written and easy to read.
  • It is best to list the tasks you were responsible for rather than listing things you did more generally.
  • Don't forget to include your skills! Give a description of what those skills are, why they are important, and how they have helped you in previous roles.
  • Keep it short—no more than two pages!