How To Write A Chiropractor Resume: A Guide for Beginners

Here's a guide to help you put together a resume for a job application to become a chiropractor!

How To Write A Chiropractor Resume: A Guide for Beginners
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Chiropractors play a key role in treating patients with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems. Chiropractic care involves spinal adjustments, spinal manipulation, and other techniques such as massage therapy and joint mobilization. The practice of chiropractic medicine is based on the theory that interference with nervous system function, may result in common physical ailments such as pain, discomfort, stiffness and difficulty moving. Here's a guide to help you put together a resume for a job application to become a chiropractor!

Who is Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a doctor that uses an adjustment method to improve the patient's range of motion and posture. The goal of this type of therapy is to correct the alignment in the spine and reduce muscle tension.

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Most chiropractors will vehemently deny practicing medicine; they say what they do is not a medical procedure and does not require a medical degree. However, many doctors find this argument dubious at best and unethical at worst.

The profession of chiropractic was established in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer, who called it "a science concerned with the preservation of health, and the prevention and relief of disease." And while many people know what a chiropractor does, no one can say for certain what exactly causes their patients to feel better after treatment.

Pick the Ideal Format for your Chiropractor Resume

The format that you choose for your resume will depend on the type of company that you are applying to. You can either go with a traditional chronological or functional resume.

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If you're making a traditional chronological resume, it's important to stay organized and include sections for headings such as work experience, education, skills, accomplishments, awards and publications. A functional resume focuses on your qualifications in relation to the job requirements in the industry. It will often include sections for skills, achievements, and education.

Choose whichever format is best for you! But make sure to organize your information accordingly so it's easy for potential employers to read.

Chiropractor Resume Objective or Resume Summary

As a chiropractor, I would like to help patients with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems. My goal is to make their lives easier by improving their health and quality of life.

Chiropractor Job Description for a Resume

The primary objective of a chiropractor is to reduce pain and disability by correcting misalignments in the spine.

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Assemble a resume for a job application to become a chiropractor and keep these points in mind:

  • The applicant should demonstrate their experience with chiropractic adjustment and manipulation.
  • The applicant should highlight any past volunteer work, such as participating in clinical trials or providing patient education.
  • The applicant should provide two to three sources of reference who can attest to his/her professional skills and character.

Don't forget to mention your Education and Experience

Education and experience are essential to your resume. Start by listing your education so employers can see the level of knowledge you have in the field. Be sure to include all types of education, such as high school, college, and graduate degrees.

Next, list any related experience. If you're just starting off in your career or don't have much experience yet that's okay - just be honest about it! You may want to mention volunteer work or other activities that demonstrate your interest in the field.

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If you're a recent college graduate and don't yet have professional experience (e.g., internships), this is a good place to mention research projects or independent studies you've done related to your field of study - if they demonstrate your commitment and passion for this profession.

Write a Skills Section

Your skills section should be concise and focused on your strongest skills. Start with the phrase, "I am skilled in the following areas:" to give your potential employer an idea of what you can offer them. Your skills section is typically located at the beginning of your resume, but feel free to switch it up according to the needs of the position you are applying for.

Here are some examples of skills sections:

  • I am skilled in graphic design and presentation development.
  • I am skilled in creating engaging course content for my students.
  • I am skilled in managing social media accounts and generating new content that engages customers.
  • I am skilled in developing specialized learning plans that cater to each individual's needs.

Include a Cover Letter for your Chiropractor Resume

A cover letter is your introduction to the employer. It's your chance to tell them more about yourself, why you're interested in the job, and what makes you a qualified applicant.

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It should be brief but compelling. It should also include some basic information, such as how long it will take for you to get to the office if they call for an interview.

When writing your cover letter, make sure that you:

  • Mention your qualifications and experience that fit the position;
  • Explain why you're interested in the position and what makes you a qualified applicant; and
  • Ask for an interview.

Key Takeaways

  • Chiropractors diagnose and treat health conditions by using spinal adjustments, spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and joint mobilization.
  • In order to become a chiropractor, you'll typically need a minimum of two years of undergraduate study in a related field or four years in a chiropractic college.
  • You have to have a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from an accredited chiropractic college in order to be licensed as a practicing chiropractor in most states.