How to Create a Resume for a Lift Operator: A Sample Resume

As a career in the hospitality industry, lift operators are responsible for operating the lifts on a resort or hotel property.

How to Create a Resume for a Lift Operator: A Sample Resume
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As a lift operator, one of your main duties is to watch over elevator operations. While an elevator is being used for its intended purpose, you are responsible for ensuring that everyone stays safe and sound during their ride.

But getting hired as a lift operator isn’t always easy, particularly when you have no experience in the field. It’s time to show potential employers that you are qualified and ready for the role at hand.

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In this article, we give you some tips on what to include in your resume and how to write it so potential employers will find it intriguing. We also provide a sample resume with different sections so you can see what information may be relevant to you as well as an opportunity to learn more about the Lift Operator position.

What Is a Lift Operator?

A lift operator is someone who operates the elevators to help keep people safe and secure while they are in the building. It can also include other tasks, such as opening and closing doors, making announcements, or assisting technicians with repairs.

If you know a little bit about the elevator industry and have experience working with people of all types—from children to seniors—you may be interested in becoming a lift operator.

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To get started on your job search for this role, here’s what you need to include on your resume:

  • A summary of your work experience
  • Key skills that you possess
  • Experience working with different demographics
  • Experience operating an elevator

How to Create Your Resume

In terms of resumes, there are a few key elements that must be included:

  • Objective
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Skills and Interests
  • Awards & Affiliations
  • References.

Qualifications and Experience

Whether you are interested in being hired as an elevator operator or not, it’s important to show those you’re qualified for the job.

There’s a few ways to do this:

  • List your certifications and achievements from previous jobs.
  • Talk about your education and experience that relates to the Lift Operator position.
  • Tell employers about any leadership roles you have held in the past.
  • Include any other relevant experience such as military service or volunteer work.

Skills and Interests

  1. Explain your elevator operation experience.
  2. Merge in your most relevant skills and interests.
  3. Summarize what you can offer an employer as a lift operator, including your qualifications and how they relate to the job, any certifications you have, and your work history.
  4. Discuss specific skills that are transferable to this position (elevator operating systems software).
  5. Optional: Include a list of other jobs or internships where you've demonstrated your ability to succeed in those positions.

Additional Information for the Interview

Since you are a lift operator, you may be asked about your qualifications during the interview.

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When writing your resume, consider including information about the following:

  • Your education and experience
  • Your certifications
  • Any work experience in other fields
  • A list of references or recommendations

If you want to include any additional information for the interview, include that as well. In addition to these factors, one of the most important things to address is how long you have been working with elevators. You should also mention whether or not you have experience operating different types of elevators so that potential employers are more aware of what they may be getting themselves into.

Choose the Right Format for your Lift Operator Resume

When writing your resume, there is an important distinction to make - Lift Operator vs. Elevator Operator.

Lift Operator: You'll have responsibilities in the elevator's control room and will be operating the lift machinery that takes people up or down.

Elevator Operator: You'll be operating the elevator machinery that takes people up or down, but you won't have any direct contact with the passengers.

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If you are applying for a job as a lift operator, it's important to show what your experience is. For example, if you only have experience with hands-on work and no more than four years of experience in a related field, make sure to mention this on your resume.

Another important detail to include on your resume is whether you're working full-time or part-time at present. Being employed at present means that you've been able to maintain steady employment for at least six months, which gives employers confidence that you know how to provide reliable service consistently day after day.

Highlight your Good Parts in Resume Objective or Resume Summary

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Lift Operator Job Description for a Resume

A lift operator is typically responsible for overseeing and/or operating the elevator in a building or place of work. They are tasked with ensuring that the area is safe by making sure people inside the elevator cab don’t get hurt and that the area has enough power to operate the elevator.

As a lift operator, you are required to undergo safety training in order to ensure your passengers’ safety while using an elevator. The job also requires you to have good communication skills as you will be speaking with guests on board the elevator cab while they ride.

List your Skills as Bullet Points

Some skills you may have include:

  • Experience operating elevators
  • Experience with various types of lifts and machines
  • Ability to follow written and verbal instructions
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment

Key takeaway

When writing your lift operator resume, you’ll want to include the following key points:

  • What are your qualifications?
  • Why did you choose this occupation?
  • What kind of work environment do you prefer?
  • What does success in this occupation look like for you?